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How to attract customers with Facebook?

Тема в разделе "Facebook (FB.com)", создана пользователем Albert, 23 авг 2015.

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  1. Albert

    Albert Команда форума Администратор

    Most companies, while self-promotion, focusing on his page on Facebook. In particular, they want to know how to get more subscribers and likes. But the real benefit of Facebook is not determined by the number of likes.
    How to get a lot of subscribers, how to earn more "I like"? Such questions are asked marketers to companies that want to grow together with Facebook. The problem is that they lose sight of the bigger picture, which is offered by the network. Of course, these questions are essential. However, some of your subscribers have signed up for your page impulsively and are not interested in her upgrades, and the majority of your fans have probably already long been doing business with you.
    Think about how you use Facebook. You do not stroll of the social network, denoting "huskies" random pages of those companies and businesses that you are not using or planning to use only (except for certain brands which are particularly inspire you). Usually with Facebook we like the same things that we use in real life. The benefits of Facebook is that the subscriber is tied to the growth of your business and attract new customers. This is not about attracting new "strangers" who are you "likes", and it comes to advertising your friends and acquaintances to your subscribers! This opens up new perspectives for you, because if one of their friends (the one to whom they express their trust and respect) has decided to start doing business with you, then you are worthy of attention.
    For example, if you are thinking of buying a bicycle, it is likely that you ask for advice from your friend who is an avid enthusiast of cycling. If you notice that he often commented on the bicycle shop page on Facebook, you are likely to visit this shop when it comes time to buy a bicycle. If you already know about this bicycle shop from your friend's messages and messages of other friends, then you have probably already formed a pretty good impression of him, and you will once again ask for your friend, and immediately went to the store.
    The fact that we are friends with people who are in some ways similar to us. This means that our friends and social communication is the best source to start a new business for the companies with whom we interact. For example, if there is a restaurant that you like, then a certain amount of your friends also want to visit this restaurant. If you find a new tool for social interaction, a certain number of your friends may also be interested in them. Also, it turns out that a handful of your friends attends the same concerts, which you walk. We are friends with people like us, therefore, to distribute its promise to society - may be your best way to raise awareness among new customers that are likely to be interested in purchasing your product.
    The real benefits of Facebook - is a friend of your subscribers. Many companies think about Facebook, as a place where you can get new clients, and it certainly can be. Many companies want to gain a new audience with the help of Facebook, but they just do not know how to do it. The answer is simple: using your existing friends. Here are some of the ways by which you can use your current customers to raise awareness about themselves among their friends:
    - Encourage interaction with specific content to increase their awareness
    - Holding a contest through which your fans will learn interesting things about your personality
    - Ask your visitors to post pictures on the Facebook page
    - Pay attention to your visitors on the Facebook page
    - Organize competitions to increase the sharing and social interaction
    - Provide reports on mass events which you were.
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