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The social network VKontakte - communication or earnings?

Тема в разделе "Vk.com (Vkontakte.com)", создана пользователем Albert, 23 авг 2015.

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  1. Albert

    Albert Команда форума Администратор

    Today, when the Internet and information technologies has reached unprecedented heights, there are so many ways to remotely earnings. Anyone can make money today, and virtually anything, even on social networks! This article will disclose some aspects of earnings through social networks such as VK.

    In fact, it is a solid VK safe with money. It is only necessary to choose the right key to his right and in that case you will get good profit. There are many methods of earning with the help of the social network. The simplest, perhaps, is the sale of accounts. You register accounts, sell them and make a profit. You can also engage in the purchase of accounts and their subsequent resale, of course, at a higher price. To sell them a little more expensive, simply to give them a human form, fill in the questionnaire information, put the photo as avatar, and so on. In addition, you can perform tasks on a variety of services like Wmmail.Ru, which are related to any action in the social network VK. For example, layknut someone else's photos, share this on your page or in a group. In general, the selection is large enough.

    In addition to these abstract ways to make money with the help of everyone's favorite VK there are more clear and simple. There are many services that enable standard users to receive monetary compensation for the performance of any action. Usually such actions, as mentioned above, are huskies, repost, and the placement of advertising posts on their groups or public servers. The only thing that is needed is an account on the social network and, preferably, a community with a large and active audience. If you have a good community, then you will have no end of offers different advertisers, which is certainly a positive impact on your wallet.

    One of the best services of this kind is Plibber. In order to start making money with it is necessary to go through a simple registration. One need only go to the main page of the project is authorized by VK, enter your email address and password. Next you need to add their advertising platform. This is done as simply. After adding and approval of the site you need only to place advertisements on their page, or group of public and get a good profit.

    It should be noted that there are a number of websites that offer trading on social networks, but the earnings they are not paid. One of these sites is VKTarget. It often are new job with a very decent pay for each, but the time spent on their implementation will go into an empty, since earnings can not be inferred. In other words, this site - scam. Also, according to some reports, he is malicious, so it is strongly recommended to uninstall this site from your account, if you do install it.

    We encourage you to seek such services through a search engine Yandex, because she misses much less fraudulent websites, and then check their feedback through a special service WebMoney Advisor. Therefore, you protect yourself from the kind of fraud. Good luck in this easy really!
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